Chapters 9-10

Questions for chapters 

  1. Shortly tell us about what happened in these chapters in your own words.
  2. How did the author surprised you? If you would could create a short video, what scene would you choose to make, why?
  3. What 5 words (from each chapter) would you consider as important/ worth learning? (you may consider learning those 10 words for an extra plus).


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  2. haw many words we need to write ?

    1. Good question, Arnas. However,I would not like to limit you, if you think that you have told all of the main events in your own words and have given your personal ideas and insights while summarizing, it's already a good work. Your average number of words per essay usually is 160 (if you need the number), however I will be looking more to your ability to tell or retell.
      The assessment page gives more details of what I'll be looking in your writings.
      good luck in your work, and let me know if there are still things you don't understand.
      your teacher,

    2. But I'm not Arnas I'm Augustas :D

    3. Good, TURBINIS-LTU, as this is not the first time I mix you up, so it will be really "easy" for me to evaluate you and to write you marks. I suggest you changing your name, Augustas, if you still want to be called by your real name.... ;)